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Caricature byRytis Daukantas

The guy on the left:

- Excuse me gentlemen, do you know where are the builders?

The guys on the right:

- We are the builders, man!

I guess this is Rytis' view on the so called New Lithuanians who after working in the UK or Ireland for a couple of years have returned home. Or perhaps it depicts the efforts of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange to convince emigrants that they could be earning in Lithuania as much as in construction sites in London or Dulin. Either way I love it!

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Anonymous - May 30, 2007 at 7:58 AM

Manau čia esmė ta, kad statybininkai dabar Lietuvoje uždirba neproporcingai daug, lyginant su kitų specialybių žmonėmis. Nes, norint juos išlaikyti Lietuvoje, smarkiai pakilo uždarbiai.

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