Polish might become Ireland's third official language

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Alright, I stop any pretenses in regards to Polish tonight. I've applauded them (the ones who came to Ireland) on many things: their movie festivals in the IFI (by the way, Seksmisja was absolutely hilarious and I'm expecting Jasminum to be good), their ability to fight for their rights, find niches in the job market, etc. But the news about a group of Polish campaigning for the recognition of Polish as a third official language of Ireland, alongside English and Gaelic, was too much for me. I have never heard about a Polish community magazine "Sowa" mentioned in the story before and I don't know how many supporters its publisher Marcin Wrona has.

Signs "Tutaj pracujemy po polsku" (Eng. "We work in Polish here") in the grocery shops, hairdressers, opticians and in many other places have become a common sight in Ireland over the past few years. In fact, perhaps these signs and attempts to make customer service for Polish residents of Ireland understandable are to blame for the fact that multitudes of them still don't speak any or can at most offer you poor English. If they had to make a leap of faith and started communicating in English in the banks, cafes, supermarkets and beauty salons, there probably wouldn't be much need for a third official language in Ireland (and even those signs).

Perhaps immigrants from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia should consider the idea in France, Mexicans - in the USA, Turks - in Germany and... Irish in the UK? Yet Ireland is quite smaller than any of these countries (by the way, Poland's population exceeds Ireland's by 10 times). And although Ireland was voted recently as the world's friendliest country in "Lonely Planet" Blue List I beg not to abuse this country's hospitality.

By the way, does anybody know if the magazine "Sowa" is of any significance? Somehow I have a feeling it's not even noteworthy and in that case I sincerely hope that the rant above is not necessary.

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Dominykas - October 18, 2007 at 12:29 PM

I think it's just bad PR coming from Poland and obviously recognized in Lithuanian papers too - try google news - only polish newspapers mention this.

Yet I must agree with you that this is just bloody ridiculous. What the Irish should do is make them study Gaeilge, rather than just English :)

irlandesparahispanohablantes - October 18, 2007 at 11:15 PM

Sounds like a made up story! Waiting for the Poles to put some English (and Gaeilge) on their shops! (we want to buy stuff there too!!)

Azuolas - October 23, 2007 at 3:40 PM

I wouldn't be so rash as to condemn the idea of language rights to Polish (and other, including Lithuanian) residents in Ireland and elsewhere, wherever they make a majority or a substantial minority, as being without any merit. If EU is all about joining Europe economic space (consequently - free labor and not just capital movement) without sacrificing national identities, then it follows (after a longer argument, which I won't elaborate here)that the conventional understanding of national minorities is no longer adequate and needs to be replaced by a more flexible one. Polish kindergartens, schools and perhaps even a university in Ireland? Why not? Possibility to write a petition, an application etc., communicate with the police etc. in Polish in Ireland? Why not? Integration should not mean assimilation and, arguably, it should not be a one way affair. Why, the Irish should integrate to their new situation as well. Naturally, all of this is debatable but no debate is possible if the very idea of Polish cultural rights in Ireland is rejected as absurd.
Nice blog, by the way!

eNyu - October 24, 2007 at 11:05 AM

Azuolas, I agree with most of the points you mentioned. I still have something to add though. I mean, it's true that if EU encourages the movement of labor force it should also encourage preserving national identities. But shouldn't then the polish (or lithuanian for that matter) at least plan to return to their homeland? If so, maybe it would be true, that being a substantial minority, should allow them to use their own language as much as possible. For what I see now, there is many of that kind of people who don't have even the slightest wish to return - in that case I think it's their own choice and they should choose to abide by the rules that the society in which they came has - because preserving their national identity is quite pointless - nationality becomes geographical.

Colm - October 24, 2007 at 6:04 PM

Great blog post Lina! I commend you! I wrote about this issue too:

See here:

I particularly like this: "And although Ireland was voted recently as the world's friendliest country in "Lonely Planet" Blue List I beg not to abuse this country's hospitality. "

I am getting tired of Irish people being too nice. We should be more militant. Like the Welsh for example. They will stand up for their (language) rights and even get arrested for them. We need Irish language signs in shops and Irish language speaking staff. Not mono-lingual Poles.

Raminta - November 4, 2007 at 2:30 AM

I came back to London after a year "abroad" and found the city even more "polished". Billboards advertise vodka in Polish, new shelves are being fixed every day in supermarkets to accommodate more "Galaretka" (this is what I think of when I try to picture a Polish food shelve), leaflets come through the door encouraging to open bank accounts ... in Polish. Now asking to make their language official in Ireland? That is absolutely out of order. Luckily, that's just sort of a joke.

Anonymous - November 10, 2007 at 6:18 PM

i think this idea is the most ridiculous idea i have ever heard, its like they are coming over to ireland to change the law and everything, i think they should go back to poland and leave the irish people alone

Anonymous - April 22, 2008 at 12:23 AM

I think this is ridiculous, the immigration numbers of polish is far to high. I went back to ireland after been away for a few months and it felt like a foreign country..not as friendly as nobody was irish. If you go to another country you learn the language and adapt to their way and think they should do the same.

Anonymous - September 29, 2008 at 1:39 AM

Being honest, in Ireland nowadays you can't go into any shop and expect to see an irish worker...they are always polish or from some other country. Not even 1/5 of them speak proper english -.-

Anonymous - February 25, 2009 at 4:46 PM

Do not forge we Irish have dealt with foreigners who have tried to impress their ways on us before.
So Polaks and others from the new EU countries please try and learn our language (Gaelige agus Bearla) and we will help you learn them. Like many Irish people my ancestors paid a very high price for our precious country and we WILL NOT see it destroyed.

Likewise I would expect any Irish people who go to your countries to learn your languages and respect your way of life. I expect the same from you and am fed up of stories of you swindling our social security system and often pretending not to speak the language. If you cannot learn the language then stay in Polska.

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