"Into the wild" - a must see

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For those who by now have realized they have gone weary of people and themselves.

For those who get tired of 8 to 5 office jobs.

For those who don't see anything new on 7 o'clock evening news anymore.

For those who think they haven't found happiness yet.

Please watch Sean Penn's new movie "Into the wild" in order to understand that happiness is only real when shared. Listen to Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder's soundtrack in the meantime. Immense beauty.

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Christophe - November 12, 2007 at 10:08 AM

The book by Jon Krakauer is even better again. But I think Penn did a fabulous job in what is his first major directing role. The Vedder soundtrack works well against what is an honest enough retelling of the story of McCandless but... as ever, to get a screenplay together there were little episodes that were brought in to make things fit.

I've been up to Alaska myself, part inspired by the book, hopefully, the film will similarly inspire other people...

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