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Previously on various occasions I have mentioned a view quite a vast number of my fellow citizens have expressed in cyber-discussions. I am a Judas. And so are those who have left Lithuania. Although I have to admit that after my and a few other bloggers' outrage against such opinions those voices have hushed. A Polish friend of mine says similar judgments sometimes are manifested in her homeland.

However. I have converted my best friend to my religion of savor-the-world-and-live-life-before-settling-in-anywhere-especially-when-young-and-without-kids.

I know, living in Ireland is not a per se savoring of the world. Majority of young Lithuanians, Polish, Latvians, Italians and Portuguese flow here because of the wages. And the temptation is high to see nothing beyond a weekly pay cheque.

When I popped in to say hello to my previous boss in Lithuania a couple of weeks ago, she nailed me with a straightforward question What keeps you in Ireland? My sister, I answered hasty. Although I should have added AIB. Hopefully by the end of February I will pay off whatever I have to and then... I guess I'll start savoring more of the world. A very good friend of mine whom I've discovered in Ireland and who recently nearly climbed this (bad weather conditions to be blamed) has seduced me with an idea to go hiking to Himalaya next Autumn. I might as well shut myself in a tiny monastery somewhere on the roof of the world. I suppose it is easy to stay away from carnal pleasures with a view through your window like this.

Back to my friend. My emigration propaganda has finally shattered her shell of doubts and she's heading for Ireland in the end of October. This time it was easy - I didn't even have to persuade her to come along. Although I have done that previously, yet without much success. She is working in a sort of Lithuanian FAS as a graphic designer. Her salary is a joke and the women she works with are useless. She doesn't expect to get a graphic designer job here - her English is not good enough. In fact she says she would be perfectly happy making sandwiches. Although I'm sure she'll go further than that after a while. And then she'll come back. Like many other Judases (strange plural...). And we'll all live happily ever after.

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Robert - October 2, 2007 at 1:43 AM

Whatever keeps you here I hope it continues. You seem to enjoy it here and are having (mostly) a good time so long may it continue.

The next person who asks you "Why Ireland?" Just say "why not" :)

And I hope that when your friend comes over here that she will find her way too. It might be rough for a while but I'm sure and I hope that she will find her way too.

Primal Sneeze - October 2, 2007 at 5:38 AM

"Why Ireland?"

For the weather, of course! ;)

Mykolas - May 27, 2008 at 2:20 AM

The truth is that most emigrants only 'leave' their country in a physical sence. Their hearts and souls remain very much connected to the homeland. Although your blog is centered around the "Imigrant in Ireland" theme,You frequently make refererences to your experience from a Lithuanian perspective. One dosen't have to search long through your writings to understand your own love and devotion to Lithuania. Our's is a peculiar devotion in that Lietuva is held close to the heart even by descendants. I'm Lithuanian by two Grandparents who left more than a century ago. Born in the U.S.
There was a time when my mother and her siblings spoke only Lithuanian at home. They have all long since forgotten their langauge (a Cardinal Sin in the eyes of many Lithuanians).Yet their love an connection to their heritage is no less significant. And it has been passed on to my generation. I think that many Lithuanians (Lietuvoje)are coming to recognise that distance does not affect patriotism. I have mentioned on my own blog that those who ask "Why would you possibly even consider leaving Lithuania" should first ask themselves Why Lithuania has not done more for it's citizens in terms of ecouraging economic development. Few simply pull-up roots without exhausting options
and exploring potential losses.
It is also difficult for one who is faced with severe financial hardship to stay put and wave the
Flag on an empty stomach and with the promise of only a meager and dismal future. Many who take up residence elsewhere have been providing much welcomed financial assistance to loved ones who remain
in Lithuania. Often depriving themselves of neccessities and luxuories that others in their host country tend to pamper themselves with. I wonder how many critics of emigrants would think twice about accepting a helping hand from a relative who lives abroad.

Sorry for taking up so much of your page with my comments!

I enjoy your blog as well as others
that are maintained by Lithuanians. Always keep in mind that providing a format in the English language also allows other to remain connected to our people.
The 'Powers that Be' and their devoted followers in Lithuania would be wise to concentrate their efforts and their emotions towards the goal of bringing Lithuanians and Those who share our heritage TOGETHER. Exclusion and condemnation are self destructive

Keep up the good work! It does not go without notice!

Lietuviais mes esame ir busime!


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